How long is a workshop and how many people can participate?

The Workshop Duration is completely flexible.

  • Suggested duration is 90 minutes to 2 hours

  • Minimum duration is 45-60 minutes

  • Small groups (4-10 participants)

  • Medium groups (10-25 participants)

  • Large groups (25-60 participants)

  • Extra-large groups are welcome (60-120 participants), but please note not all games are for larger group sizes

Can CoLab travel to our office?

Yes! CoLab is completely mobile. If headquarters are in the New York City Area, there is little to no additional charge for travel. For those of you outside of NY, our workshops are subject to availability. We will work to minimize travel expenses, by scheduling your workshop with a neighboring customers location.

While we can hold CoLab in a conference room, please keep the following in mind

  • Some game require enough space for your group to move around.

  • Break out rooms, screens or projectors, are NOTE needed

  • We want a seat for every participant, preferably mobile.

  • We encourage your space have some privacy so your group can be focused

Our office is too small to host. Can you help us find a space?

Yep. We are happy to help you find the location we need for your workshop.

How Long in advance do I need to book my CoLab?

Completely subject to availability. During your consultation we can discuss a timeline that is reasonable. In some instances, we have been able to schedule sessions within 48 hours!


Need more information? All questions can be answered during your FREE consultation, or email for more info.