We help strengthen morale, communication and fun for any team or corporate event


What we do

We play “games”—exercises based on creativity, problem solving, and fun.
No screens. No personality tests… just People.  

Each game involves the entire team and challenges individuals to not only open
themselves up to the group, but to lean in and support their teammates.  


What we offer

The Workshop

  • For 90-minutes* your team comes together as people—not just coworkers and employees.  

  • We will play a combination of 8 games, all of which present a unique set of challenges in which individuals will put themselves forward (their passion, their voices, their creativity), while supporting the larger group—through listening and a “Yes And” attitude. 

    At the end of the day, each participant will learn more about their coworkers’ passions, how they collaborate, how they communicate, and what they can do for themselves to grow.

  • Every game is interactive, and designed to motivate participants to become better collaborators and teammates. 

 *duration or workshop is adjustable based on size and needs of your group

Ice Breakers and Refreshers

  • Summits, off-sites and on-sites are important to any business, but often require attendees to do a lot of sitting and listening. 

  • CoLab Workshops can help boost your offsite with energy at the beginning, middle and end of your day. 

  • Games can be delivered to help bring energy into a room at the start of an event, or to help people avoid that post-lunch sleepy feeling, so they are alert and ready to bring their focus back into the room.


Our mission

We believe teams are better when they are connected at the personal level. Our job is to create a fun, shared experience for your team that will help each individuals step forward boldly, while simultaneously generating more empathy and more direct communication within the larger group. 

More Morale = Better Business

We all want more Trust, Connection, Energy, Drive, and Purpose in our lives, but to achieve this we need Morale headed in the right direction.

Morale is enthusiasm, focus, and purpose—It is the life blood of any successful team.
When morale is high, people are able to put forward their best, leading to positive business outcomes.  When morale is low, work and focus suffers. and people start looking for other opportunities.